Dirty Randy is played by Seth Rogen. He is a Librarian and a Pornographic film maker. One of his "films" was shot in Andre's loft while he was at a restaurant because he lost the League and it was one of his many punishments for winning the Sacko.


Dirty Randy is first mentioned by Rafi as a potential replacement for Andre, although "truth be told, he's kind of an asshole." ("The Kluneburg")


  • "How do you mean?"

Personality & Traits

-frequents yogurtland -from Pennsylvania -once was stung by a bee in an uber but pretended it didn't happen

Skills & Abilities

Porn Location Scout & Director

  • Dirty Randy's first appearance leads to the creation of An Orgy at Andre's, Andre's final Sacko punishment, in which Andre was made to draft alone whilst the others were accidentally locked out of his apartment during the porn shoot. Ruxin, Kevin, Pete & Jenny watched the season auto-draft while Dirty Randy, Rafi & Taco had front row seats.



  • Not much is known of Dirty Randy's family.

Friends & Enemies

  • Dirty Randy & Rafi - They first met in a mental institution after, the then named 'Clean Randol', accidentally killed Rafi's family by squashing them with his previous best friend. Rafi & Randy formed a strong bond with each other whilst institutionalised. Rafi joined Dirty Randy's "Domination" League after leaving the main league.
  • Dirty Randy & Evan - Dirty Randy's best friend and business partner when he was known as 'Clean Randol'. He was accidentally killed by Dirty Randy, in a freak champagne cork accident, that ended in the death of Rafi's wife & children (at the time he was known as Rafael).


  • Not much is known of Dirty Randy's sexual relationships, although it is suggested that he joins in during porn shoots.

Physical Appearance

  • Upon first seeing Dirty Randy, Ruxin described him as "that homeless wolverine".