Elizabeth "Ellie" MacArthur is the eldest child of Kevin and Jenny MacArthur. She is also the older sister of Chalupa Batman  (Christopher Benjamin) MacArthur and the niece of Taco MacArthur.

Ellie has appeared in 30 episodes of the show and is played by Alina Foley .


Ellie celebrates her fifth birthday in the first season opener, The Draft , which makes her date of birth in 2004. The first Taco song is a birthday present to Ellie about her conception, performed in the same episode.

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Her language and attitude led to the introduction of Kegel the Elf in the episode of the same name and often gets the MacArthur parents in trouble. Her role has brought together various other characters and created plot lines such as the "relationship" between Pete Eckhart and Miss Martin , Ellie's teacher.

Ellie's request for 'cinnamon' paint led to Kevin taking a photograph of Steve (Carmenjello) the janitor when Andre had taken him to a spa to apologise for calling him Carmenjello in the episode of the same name. After Taco gets recalled paint to paint Ellie's room.

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Ellie brings home her classroom pet, Shakespeare, in Thanksgiving, which later escapes, eats Taco's truffle (starting a bidding war between Andre and Kevin), hides in the roasted turkey and is served to all of the guests (excluding Heather Nowzick due to her lap-band procedure) for lunch. This was only discovered after Andre bit down on Shakespeare's collar tag, upon which point Ellie entered the room to hear what had happened.

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