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Fear Boner 

(S02E08 - The Tie) Refers to an erection caused by fear. First experienced by Kevin and coined by Pete, then experienced again years later by Pete.


(S02 E08 - The Tie) Refers to an erection caused by the anticipation of going to see someone your going to, or want to have sex with. Kevin's reason for having a Fear Boner.

Vinegar Strokes

(S02 E10 - High School Reunion) Refers to the moment before ejaculation when you can't do anything other than finish, even at the risk of embarrassment or injury. A Taco-term he discusses with group after getting a black eye during sex from a heavy object falling from his fridge. Inspiration for the Taco song of the same name.

Vaginal Hubris

When someone is overly confident in their vagina. Jenny declares that she has confidence in her vagina, to which Ruxin questions "Is it, in fact, confidence or do you have vaginal hubris?". Usually refers to a woman, however, it could apply if a man has undue confidence in his sexual partner's vagina. Inspiration for the Taco song of the same name.


(S02 E01 - Vegas Draft) Refers to when some can get themselves off from how good they think their draft pick or line-up is. Ruxin gets caught by the group rosterbating in the premiere episode of Season Two.