League Winners

Shiva Winners

Season One (2005) - Pete Eckhart

Season Two (2006) - Taco MacArthur

Season Three (2007) - Pete Eckhart

Season Four (2008) - Pete Eckhart°

Season Five (2009) - Andre Nowzick (and Ruxin)

Season Six (2010) - Rodney Ruxin

Season Seven (2011) - Kevin MacArthur*

Season Eight (2012) - Jenny MacArthur

°Trophy holder at start of show series one.

*As an agreement with Ruxin to become league commissioner.

Sacko Winners

Season Six (2010) - Andre Nowzick

Season Seven (2011) - Rodney Ruxin

Season Eight (2012) - Kevin MacArthur

Please note: seasons are as played in "The League", not the season of the show itself. Pete Eckhart mentions the show beginning as of Season 5 in their league.

League History

Notable moments in "The League's" history.


  • Divorce: Pete and Meegan Eckhart
  • Bet: Kevin lost his 'usual bet' to Pete. Jenny took his place. (Streak for minimum of 2 minutes).


  • Birth: Chalupa Batman MacArthur (born to Jenny & Kevin MacArthur, named by Taco MacArthur).