This is my sack. Suck It!
- Jenny

Jenny MacArthur is a main character from The League, is married to Kevin and mother to Ellie and Christopher (Chalupa Batman).


During The League

Season One

In The Draft,

In The Bounce Test,

In Sunday at Ruxin's,

In Mr. McGibblets,

In The Usual Bet,

In The Shiva Bowl (episode),

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven



Jenny, is, for all intents and purposes, one of the guys. She curses, watches the games, and participates in the League. While she tries to be a good mother, her daughter Ellie is a handful, and has adopted the harsh language of her mother. Jenny also tries to be sexy a lot ofthe time, but fail miserably.

Skills & Abilities

  • In "The Bounce Test", we find out that Jenny has "vaginal hubris", which inspires Taco to create a song dedicated to her for being a "confident woman".



  • Kevin MacArthur - Husband
  • Ellie MacArthur - Daughter
  • Chalupa Batman MacArthur - Son

Friends & Enemies

  • Kristen Cavallari - Briefly Friends, Quickly Enemies
  • Ben - Jenny’s Ex and Friend


  • Straight
  • With some bisexual tendencies towards Shiva

Physical Appearance




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