Rafael is Sofia's brother and Ruxin's brother in law, commonly referred to as Rafi and El Cunado. Ruxin has described him as a "homeless, ethnic Santa Claus." ("Bro-lo El Cordero")

Rafi was shot to death by Dirty Randy in the 5th season. He wakes up and then is shot again by Dirty Randy 5 minutes after his resurrection although later returns to life.


Rafi was born in Puerto Rico to a man nicknamed "The Generalissimo", named so because he is the General Manager of a Drug store. Early in his life he showed an incestuous lust for his sister, including "bone thrusting" her at their High School dance. When he was a boy he was an alter boy, although he wasn't "touched sexually" he sexual assaulted the Priest, who after the incident left the cloth. At some point Rafi seemed to be a some what normal life including having a wife and children who were crushed to death during an accident caused by Dirty Randy. While attempting multiple suicides he was later institutionalized and met Dirty Randy; unknown to him until later that Randy was responsible for the death of his family the two quickly became friends and became addicted to electroshock therapy. After learning the truth about Dirty Randy, Rafi initially refused to speak to him but he received a botched lobotomy and completely forgot about them, and apparently his ability to speak Spanish which would only return after a barb pole was lodged into his brain. Although Ruxin makes reference to his brother-in-law in the first season outtakes, Rafi makes his first appearance in the Season 2 opener "Vegas Draft." After Vince leaves the League, Ruxin invites Rafi to join. Despite the fact he seems not to know what the Draft board is and, according to Taco, has a visible penis beard, the League choose Rafi over Jenny as the new eighth man.

By "Bro-lo El Cordero", the League have started to resent Rafi.


As Rafi remarks to Jenny, "it's a numbers game for me." ("Vegas Draft")