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That Other Draft

Marshawn Lynch and Taco attend the annual TacoCorp board meeting in Mexico. Pete bumps with his ex-wife, Meegan Kevinbumps into the Seahawks ' general manager with disastrous results and Jenny wins a VIP pass during the Chicago draft on Kevin's birthday. 

The Draft of Innocence The group reluctantly allows Andre and Meegan to host a couples themed draft, Pete , who is still not speaking to Andre, attends with Rafi , to make things more intetesting they hold an auction draft, which leads to big problems.
S07E03 The Blind Spot
S07E04 Deflategate
S07E05 The Bully
S07E06 The Beer Mile
S07E07 Trophy Kevin
S07E08 The Last Temptation of Andre
S07E09 The Yank Banker
S07E10 The Block
S07E11 Adios y Bienvenidos
S07E12 The 13 Stages of Grief
S07E13 The Great Night of Shiva

Production Notes

  • The seventh and final season was announced on December 8, 2014.
  • The season premiered on September 9, 2015.
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