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Sunday at Ruxin's is the 3rd episode of Season One.

I've taken dumps before. It's fun. You take a picture of it, you send it out to your friends. You don't pick it up and whip it around your head like a churro!
- Kevin

Plot Summary

Ruxin invites everyone over on Sunday to watch the games, see the new baby and have lunch. His guests get much more lunch than they ever bargained for, as Ruxin and his wife, Sofia, forbid the gang from watching football during their meal. Terry Bradshaw makes a cameo appearance.


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Andre: I'm Jamie Lee Curtis. You're Lindsey Lohan. I'm cool. You're not.

Pete: You're the glue that holds the whole group together. You're the centerpiece.
Kevin: Exactly.You're like the honeydew in a fruit salad. You know? Nobody likes the honeydew. But you need it there 'cause it fills up space.

Ruxin: Who was that?
Pete: That's my new mortal enemy.
Jenny: Andre?
Andre: Meegan?
Kevin: The dude deep-dickin' Meegan?
Ruxin: Scintillating dinner conversation?
Pete: Terry.

Ruxin: You know who has fun with feces? Psychopaths.


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