Season One - Taco Songs

"It's your Birthday Today" (Ellie's Birthday Song)

Episode One - The Draft

Context: Taco's first song. Written as a 5th birthday present for his niece, Ellie. The song is, unfortunately, cut short.


"It's your Birthday Today ...

"Vaginal Hubris"

Episode Two - The Bounce Test

Context: Written after a "couples dinner" when Jenny announces she has "confidence in her p**s".


"This one goes out to...

Season Two - Taco Songs

"I'm Inside Me"

Episode One - The Vegas Draft

Context: By sampling Andre's shriek after falling on The Dre, Taco and Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) perform in the Vegas Club moments after the incident happens.


"I'm ...


Episode Three - The White Knuckler

Context: Taco's new found hobby manages to get Andre and Kevin in trouble, his song dedicated to his traditional Japanese blade is wrongly taken as racist and after throwing the pole across the room hits Kevin in "his pretty c**k".


"Naginta, Naginta, love my Naginta...

"Ghost Monkey"

Episode Seven - Ghost Monkey



"Ghost Monkey, Ghost Monkey. Can you hear me?...

"Fear Bone / Pete's Little Tiny Erect D*ck"

Episode Eight - The Tie




Season Three - Taco Songs


Episode Six - Yobogoya!

Context: Taco writes a new jingle for local fast food company, Yobogoya.


"Yobogoya, the taste will destroy ya.

The cheapest bucket of beef in illinoya

yobagoya yobagoya yoyoyoyoyoyo ba goya

yobagoya, will make you jump for joya

Season Four - Taco Songs

"Chalupa Batman MacArthur"

Episode One - Training Camp



The League Soundtrack

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