The Hoodie is the 2nd episode of Season Four.

Plot Summary

Kevin and Jenny bet on their son's circumcision. Pete and Taco compete over a newly single woman, with Ruxin expanding his duties as commissioner. Everyone wants to know how and if Andre is circumcised - Shiva reveals all.

Full Plot

Jenny and Kevin argue about whether or not to circumcise Christopher. Kevin is heavily against it and thinks that it is unnecessary. Kevin tries to unsuccessfully get Shiva to tell Jenny that sex with Kevin was better because he was uncircumcised by drafting an affidavit to sign. In a last desperate attempt, Kevin bets his son's foreskin on his weekly match-up with Jenny.

Circumcision becomes heavily talked about with the group where Andre is repeatedly made fun of for looking like an uncircumcised penis when he wears a "hoodie" jumper.

It's revealed that Andre had a botched circumcision when Ruxin trades information in exchange for Shiva's picture's removal on the trophy, but retracts on the offer when the league makes it clear it has to go to a league vote, forcing Shiva to place a "pox" on the season.

Taco spends the episode pretty much just stealing things because he doesn't understand how "picking things up from the waiver wire" works.

Kevin is so obsessed with proving his pretty-boy pediatrician wrong that he bursts into the room while he's operating on Baby Christopher Chalupa Batman, which causes him to screw up the circumcision, only getting half his foreskin off, just like Andre.