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A collaborative website built by fans for the FX television series The League that anyone can edit.

The wiki allows anyone to create or edit any article, so anyone can help create an extensive database of The League.

Currently housing 164 articles and and 227 pictures.
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The League Wiki is updated to U.S. aired episodes and official releases (shown above).
Visitors whose viewing schedule is behind that experienced on FX should be very careful regarding which pages they visit including the lower sections of the Main page.

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  • Choose a "Random Page", and see if the page needs some work done.
  • Write or edit some transcripts. If one is missing for an episode, write it, if not, look over the existing ones to see if they need work done.
  • Correct discrepancies between aired episodes and their respective pages.
  • Correct discrepancies between episode pages and other, related articles.
  • Correct errors found around the wiki, if you feel they look out of place or simply wrong.
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