You gotta just jerk it out!
- Rafi

The Sacko Bowl is the 13th and final episode of Season Two. It is the trophy episode of the season. 

Plot Summary

The season is ending and everyone is vying for the Shiva (and trying to avoid being the first "winner" of the dreaded Sacko). Meanwhile, Kevin learns to read lips by watching porn; and Pete is mistaken for a cop when he buys a Ford Crown Victoria.


Main Characters

Recurring / Minor Characters

  • Rafi played by Jason Mantzoukas
  • Trophy Store Employee played by Mike Mauloff
  • Angry Man played by Timothy Donovan
  • Jay Walking Girl played by Carlson Young

Full Plot

Coming Soon...


Rafi: Concept of extinguishing a human life get me aroused.


Behind the Scenes

Directing & Writing Credits

Production Credits

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