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The Shiva Bowl Trophy

The Shiva Bowl is the championship in which the League compete. The trophy 'enjoyed' by the winner for a year is The Shiva Bowl Trophy (or Shiva Trophy), the loser, as of Season 2, received The Sacko Bowl Trophy. Season 7 sees the first and only appearance of The Snip Trophy.

The Shiva Bowl Trophy

Named after Shiva, to whom Kevin MacArthur lost his virginity, the championship trophy carries her high school year book photograph. Shivakamini Somakandarkram is a goddess in their eyes. 

The League Member often try to involve Shiva, herself, as well as the trophy, itself, in order to gain favour and "please the Shiva", including making offerings to her (the trophy), having a sexual relationship with her (Andre), going for a mani-pedi treatment  (Jenny) and asking for blessings on their line-up.

The She-Dre

After Andre won at the Shiva, he created what was seen as an abomination, called The Dre, mostly referred to as The She-Dre. An act that was deedeemed 'blasphemy' and was soon rectified when Ruxin won in the following season.

In the 'Year of the Ruxin' (2011), Rodney created the Ruxin Ring, a Super Bowl Style ring with the words 'Suck It" engraved on the side.

After his break-up with Gina Gibiatti, Pete makes a rather drastic tribute to Shiva in the form of the Shiva-mobile.

Year Show Season Shiva Winner Runner Up Notes
2005 Pre-Show Pete Eckhart unknown
2006 Pre-Show Taco MacArthur unknown
2007 Pre-Show Pete Eckhart unknown
2008 Pre-Show Pete Eckhart unknown
2009 Season One Andre Nowzick Pete Eckhart
2010 Season Two Rodney Ruxin Jenny MacArthur
2011 Season Three Kevin MacArthur Taco MacArthur
2012 Season Four

Ted (Theodore Rappaport)

Pete Eckhart
2013 Season Five Jenny MacArthur Andre Nowzick
2014 Season Six Andre Nowzick Rodney Ruxin Ruxin failed to press the "Set Lineup" button before the first game of the week started, so Andre won by default. The winner received Ted's Beach House as a prize, unfortunately it was burnt.
2015 Season Seven The Coin

The Sacko Bowl

The Sacko Bowl Trophy

Created as "scraps to fight over" for the members of the league who don't make it into the playoffs. As of Season 2, it became a main part of the League World. 

The group decided that the trophy should be named after the worst people at their High School Reunion, which ironically turned out to be them.

The trophy is made of a similar base to the Shiva Trophy, but with a bull's scrotum on the top and the words "You are the worst" engraved at the bottom. 

Year Show Season Winner Loser Notes
2010 Season Two Andre Nowzick Taco MacArthur The first year of the Sacko Trophy. Although he may not have fully understood Taco did originally want to win the Sacko Trophy.
2011 Season Three Rodney Ruxin Pete became Sacko Commissioner and decided the Sacko punishments for the each years recipient.
2012 Season Four Rodney Ruxin
2013 Season Five Kevin MacArthur
2014 Season Six Taco MacArthur Kevin MacArthur Ghost Ted sets Taco's lineup and ensures Kevin doesn't get the Sacko for a second year.
2015 Season Seven Pete Eckhart At the beginning of the season it was decided that the recipient of the Sacko would have to pay the Beach House costs after it was burnt down. Pete, however, did not care as he had won the DraftKings prize of $250,000.

Sacko Punishments

The Flute Man

Year Sacko Recipient Punishments
2010 Andre Nowzick
  • The Flute Man
  • Sacko-branded Steak Night with Pete
  • Lunch alone during the draft (allowed Rafi & Dirty Randy to shoot porn in Andre's apartment)
2011 Rodney Ruxin
  • Ruxin refused to do his punishments, but Taco did dress up as the Sacko Bull to demonstrate what he should do.
2015 Taco MacArthur
  • Not to use a toilet, only a Porta Potty.
  • Get a job in a bank wearing a suit

The Snip

Introduced in the final episode of the show, The Great Night of ShivaJenny announces the creation a "fertility bowl" between herself and her husband, Kevin. Leading to the recipient of The Snip, a delightfully mounted, golden pair of scissors, to get "the snip".

Season 7 'Winner': Jenny MacArthur

The Shiva Curse and the Sacko Bowl winner

There might an curse on the Shiva Trophy if you replace it with another trophy like Andre did in Season 2 then later Andre won the Sacko,next season Ruxin won the Sacko by replacing the Shiva with an knockoff Super Bowl Ring and he held the the Sacko for two seasons.

Dont Betray Shiva!!!!!!!